About Us

Guideline is a full service company missioned on providing excellence in appraisal management. We believe that using the most qualified certified appraisers along with seamless technology results in unsurpassed reporting in the AMC industry. Our staff and production personnel are committed to an industry leading level of service to lenders and appraisers. We are positioned to provide lenders with qualified appraisers, but will also verify the credentials of each appraiser, complete the selection process, and provide reviews when needed. It is also our job to coordinate with the independent appraiser and deliver the final product directly to the lender. Guideline, therefore, acts as a needed buffer between the user of the report and the appraiser that actually performs the appraisal.

Our role saves lenders time and monies by managing essential documentation (i.e.: invoices, payments, license management, insurance and all other valuation materials). In addition to managing documentation, the use of our proprietary technology platform offers immediate access to reports and the status of appraisals.

We will work closely with your staff to build custom appraiser rotations for each market. Guideline utilizes existing relationships between lenders and appraisers.